Who we are

Since Tri-County FOP Lodge #3’s inception in 1976, we have grown from a small group to over 900 members. The lodge represents local, state and federal law enforcement officers from almost every agency in Charleston and Colleton Counties.

The primary focus of the FOP is to promote fraternalism and improve working conditions for law enforcement officers. We accomplish this goal by offering our members a vast array of benefits including accident death and dismemberment insurance, legal defense and a distressed officer’s fund.

The Order employs two full-time lobbyists in Columbia and an entire legislative staff in Washington, D.C., whose primary objectives are to vigorously promote legislation that is beneficial to our profession and public safety.

The lodge stays actively involved in the community by being heavily involved with youth sports, assisting with Special Olympics and our annual FOP Cops & Kids program which helps underprivileged youth experience the joy of gifts at Christmas.

Each year during Police Week, Lodge #3 also honors the fallen officers who gave their lives in the line of duty with the Tri-County Law Enforcement Memorial.

Lodge Membership

Membership is $40 per year. Tri-County Lodge #3 represents sworn and retired law enforcement members of city, county, state and federal agencies who work or reside in Charleston or Colleton counties. This also includes detention officers and corrections officers. Non-law-enforcement persons may join as associate members. The cost is also $40 per year. Associate members must be of good standing in the community. Our membership section has all the information.

Lodge Meetings

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month. The doors of the Lodge are opened at 6:00 pm, and dinner begins at 7:00 pm. The meal is provided without charge.

Membership Benefits


Benefits provided by the Grand Lodge to all active FOP members:

» FREE Associates Degree

» Discounts on Education programs (Associate, Bachelors, and Masters)

» Membership in the National Police Credit Union

» FOP Branded Credit Card

» Discount Mortgage

» Discounts on Calibre Press Seminars

» Discounted Home & Auto Insurance

» Auto Rental Discounts

» Discounted Eyewear

» FOP Discounted Cruises

You can access all of above benefits from FOP.net


Benefits provided by the State Lodge to all active members in South Carolina:

$2,500 Accidental Death benefit is 24-hour coverage. This benefit pays when a member dies from a covered accidental bodily injury that is independent of all other causes.

$32,500 Line of Duty benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death benefit when a member is killed while performing the duties of law enforcement.

$2,500 Felonious Assault benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death and Line of Duty Benefits when a member’s loss of life is the result of an assault while performing the duties of law enforcement.

$2,500 Common Carrier benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death Benefit when a member dies from injuries while riding on qualifying land, air, or water transportation.

$2,500 Seat Belt benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member dies as a result of an automobile accident while properly utilizing a seat belt, as evidenced by a police report.

$2,500 Occupant Protection Device benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member dies of injuries as a result of an automobile accident while protected by a properly deployed air bag. This benefit is only paid if the Seat Belt benefit is payable.

Expanded Accident Benefits

Loss of hands or feet $2,500
Loss of hand or foot $1,250
Reattachment of hand or foot $1,250
Loss thumb and index finger of same hand $625
Loss of Speech $1,250
Loss of Hearing (both ears) $1,250
Loss of sight, both eyes $2,500
Loss of sight, one eye $1,250
Quadriplegia $2,500
Paraplegia $2,500
Hemiplegia $1,250
Uniplegia $625

South Carolina Specialty License Plate

To obtain a South Carolina Fraternal Order of Police license plate, visit your local South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles office. During the registration process, DMV officials will need your current registration, insurance card, and current year’s Fraternal Order of Police membership card. The fee is $30.00 plus the regular registration fee.

These plates can only be issued to active members in good standing of the FOP. If you would like to obtain a license plate and are not a member, learn how to join here. Active membership is only granted to full-time or retired law enforcement officers.

SC FOP License Plate

FOP Tri-County Lodge Hanahan

Tri-County Lodge #3 Members Only

Use of the Lodge facilities is available for personal events to active members for a nominal charge.

The 3,150 square foot building has a full-service kitchen with a large meeting hall which can accommodate over 100 guests.

Scheduling restrictions may apply.

Fraternal Order of Police Tri-County Lodge #3

PO Box 62469 North Charleston, SC 29419 USA

843-744-7255 | eboard@scfop3.org

Tri-County Lodge #3 is a 501(c)8 non-profit organization

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